Best things to do in Costa Brava

Did you come here looking for ideas of things to see and do on the Costa Brava? Cool! Today we will tell you about this Catalan corner that we enjoyed so much in our years living in Barcelona. More than 200 kilometers of coastline bring together the essence of the Mediterranean, full of beautiful beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and an interior that hides a few surprises (from villages that seem carved in the rock to botanical gardens).

Tradition, archaeological sites, waves that remove all evils, and much, much more. Ready to take a trip through the essential places of the Costa Brava? Marching the best 10 things to do in Costa Brava.

Things to do in Costa Brava

  1. We start with our favorite town in Catalonia: Cadaqués. And we are no exception… Dalí himself decided to settle in that charming enclave ruffled by the north wind and cradled by the Mediterranean. To get there, you will have to overcome a curvy road, but it will be worth it. The white houses, the coves, the beers and the rice in the sun are the prize that awaits you in Cadaqués.
  2. It is undeniable that much of the charm of the Costa Brava resides in its beaches and coves. There are many, many! And for you to choose which ones best suit your style, we have prepared a post with the best beaches on the Costa Brava. Our favorite? We choose Playa Illa Roja in Begur.
  3. But not everything is taking the sun carelessly, eh. One of the best things to do on the Costa Brava requires some effort, but an effort that will be very well rewarded with amazing views and discovering corners off the beaten track. What are we talking about? From the Caminos de Ronda, some coastal paths that in the past were frequented by smugglers … hence the name: there were always cops who made the rounds.
  4. Did you know that there is a Greek-Roman archaeological site in Empuriabrava? The Ruins of Empúries dating back to the 5th-3rd centuries BC are the only ones on the entire peninsula where you can see both Greek ( Emporion ) and Roman ( Emporia ) remains of the same city. If you go (go, don’t hesitate), don’t miss the monographic museum where the best archaeological finds are preserved.
  5. Another of the best experiences to live on the Costa Brava is to rent a boat and enjoy the sea, from the sea. Being the skipper of your own boat, you will be able to explore inaccessible beaches and coves, bathe where and when you want, have an unusual panoramic view and spend an unforgettable day. How do you rent a boat? And what ship? We recommend you take a look at this boat rental website, something like Airbnb del mar, where you can rent from boats to sailboats and catamarans (with or without skipper).
  6. Enjoy the foodie side of the Costa Brava because it has a few typical recipes that will make you suck your fingers: from mar, I muntanya to prawns from Palamós or Suquet de peix, without forgetting the other typical dishes of Catalonia. Bon profit!
  7. Cadaqués is our gold medal, but very very, very close to Tossa de Mar, another of the most beautiful towns in Catalonia. His most famous postcard is that of the beach with the silhouette of the castle (which, mind you, is not a castle XD), but the town has a lot of history and interesting visits … And hey, what is a statue of Ava Gardner doing there? Ahhh, to better read this post to find out where we tell you everything you need to visit in Tossa de Mar.
  8. Get to Cap de Creus, ideally just before sunrise, since this is the easternmost point in Spain and therefore the first where the sun rises. But if getting up early is impossible, it doesn’t matter: any moment is a good time to get lost on this promontory of rocks with abrupt shapes and feel tiny next to its famous lighthouse.
  9. We are still on the coast to visit Calella de Palafrugell, another of those little villages that seem to have stopped in time and that still maintains that atmosphere of a fishing village that not even tourism has been able to erase. Our favorite corner in Port Bo Beach, with its emblematic vaulted arches. After a day at the beach and after exploring the old town, nothing better than a Suquet de peix, one of the richest dishes in the area.
  10. We do not understand a trip to the Costa Brava without the idea of camping: several of the times we went we stayed at a campsite (the one in Cala Pola is the best!) And we have a super nice memory of those days. It can be a good plan if you are looking for ideas of things to do in the Costa Brava with children, or with friends, or with a partner, or alone … Come on, personally, it seems like a great plan.

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