Seven things you cannot miss in the eastern part of Asturias

eastern part of Asturias

Seven things you cannot miss in the eastern part of Asturias

With this article, I finish my selection of essential places in the Principality. After showing you the best of the western area and then talking about my essentials in the central area, we only need to show you these seven things that you cannot miss in the eastern area of ​​Asturias.

In any case, after these 21 recommendations, and if we add the seven I made both for Gijón and for the visit to Oviedo, my feeling is that I could tell you about fifty other places to enjoy. It is that Asturias is infinite and there is plenty to see and do in this privileged land of the north of our country, which I conquered forever, since the first time I visited.

Seven things you cannot miss in the eastern part of Asturias

The eastern part of Asturias has a lot to offer visitors. From the visit to Santina, the Virgin of Covadonga, patron saint of Asturians, to discovering the cheeses of Gamoneu and Cabrales or beaches such as Tazones, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain with whose photo -of Roberto Sueiras – we have opened, and other beautiful landscapes of the coast, this area of ​​Asturias will also make you fall in love.

1.Learn all about Cabrales cheese at Cueva el Cares in Arenas de Cabrales

Located in Arenas de Cabrales in the eastern part of Asturias, Cueva del Cares is the cave where the Fundación Cabrales has a guided exhibition and a visit to a maturing cave for this popular variety of cheese. The Cabrales cheese cave is located next to the Cares river bridge.

You can get there from the general highway AS-114, which goes from Cangas de Onís to Panes, where you have to travel about 500 meters towards Poncebos to get there. The detour is well indicated.

  1. Come to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Covadonga in Cangas de Onis

A visit to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Covadonga in Cangas de Onís is essential in any visit to Asturias. Here you can read more about this visit that we have long recommended to you, with clues to take advantage of the time.

The beauty of the enclave, the history of Don Pelayo. And the Virgin is summarized in two points of interest for every visitor to the area. On the one hand the cave or sanctuary and on the other the basilica dedicated to the Virgin of Covadonga.

  1. Walk the hiking route between La Isla and Huerres (Güernes) in Colunga

It is a beautiful route along the edge of the cliffs. Leaving the car in Huerres, we can do this tour also suitable for children. On the way, we will find some benches and viewpoints by the sea, with Lastres on the horizon.

With good hiking or trekking shoes, we can enjoy this route that can be a circular route to return to the parking lot where we have parked the vehicle. The landscapes will enchant you. (Photo by Manuramis )

  1. Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Porrúa in Llanes

A visit to the Porrúa Ethnographic Museum in Llanes will help you understand artisan activities in the area, such as cheese and butter making, manual brick and tile manufacturing, some textile processes, traditional popular clothing, carpentry workshop, tools of cutting of wood, washerwomen, agricultural implements and a collection of enameled iron pieces, in a natural setting.

The museum is made up of a set of traditional rural buildings, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, located inside an estate set up as a public park.

  1. Contemplate or do the Descent of the Sella

The International Descent of the Sella or ‘Les canoes’ is a well-known event throughout the world. In Cangas de Onis you can enjoy this impressive sporting event in a route of about twenty kilometers organized by the Spanish Federation of Canoeing, the Federation of the Principality of Asturias, and the International Downhill Committee of the Sella. Due to its spectacular nature and history, it has been declared a festival of tourist interest.

We have already told you about this event on other occasions. But it is an unforgettable experience especially if you like water sports and want to enjoy the bravery of the Principality’s waters. Keep reading What to see in Rouen? Best tourist attractions in the Rouen

  1. Discover the granaries in Espinareu

In this village called Espinareu or Espinaredo, in Piloña, you will be able to discover many granaries and bread baskets, -understanding their difference- and take impressive photographs of these beautiful and useful buildings. On the Asturias Guide website, you have more information about this town. The one with the most granaries in the whole Principality.

  1. Rest at the Parador de Cangas de Onis

This beautiful building is built on what was an old 12th-century monastery established next to the Sella River, within the Picos de Europa National Park. The monastery had some power and control over the river, being in charge of ringing the bells when the first salmon from the river was caught, which is given, precisely for that reason, the name of the company.

In the surroundings, you will enjoy the millenary yew and many attractions that you will undoubtedly discover. It is a good point for headquarters to do the tours of Asturias or to rest after having discovered all our suggestions for the principality. It also has a great assortment of Asturian cheeses to satisfy the appetite of fans for the quality of this product.