Six basic travel applications to plan a trip

Basic travel apps

Six basic travel applications to plan a trip

Traveling is always an adventure, and sometimes something chaotic and stressful. Flights, accommodation, routes, visits… endless things to prepare before leaving, whether for business or pleasure. Fortunately, there are travel applications that help make everything easier. To know the destination before going, to find solutions in case of problems, to discover the best time to travel, and everything from the mobile.

Getting organized before and during the trip is essential. The new tools make the task easier and without the need to travel or search for information on the Internet. They are also a good way to save time and money. Here are six apps to help you on your next adventure.


It is an all-in-one messaging application that allows users to discover, plan and coordinate group trips. The tool integrates text messages and emails, so everyone stays informed, even if they don’t have the app.

Essential travel apps

Users can create a trip idea, search for hotels and flights, explore recommended experiences, document and assign prices, and then invite friends and group chat.

It is easy to create a visual itinerary through a travel map where you include sightseeing, restaurants, hotels, and even activity plans, then create surveys among all members and finally split the expenses.


It is a kind of agenda that helps to organize and share the trip itinerary easily. It even automatically synchronizes with the calendar, if there is one, to automatically modify the changes that occur.

Once the reservations for flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, restaurants,… have been made, the information can be saved via email in a ‘master itinerary’ created specifically for the trip, so the route is always at hand at any time of the trip.

Also, plans can be shared with other people. It also allows you to create a backup and save important documents through a traveler profile that is accessed through a password.

In this case, you can download the free version and the paid pro version that adds some more services.

Travel Bank

A great tool to calculate and control the cost of a business trip based on the average prices of hotels, flights, and food in the destination. The application allows you to generate reports on the cost of the trip based on the payments made.

Its services include searching for flights, matching them with co-workers, 24-hour concierge assistance, being able to track mileage, and very importantly, receipt management through instant scanning and subsequent I send it to the company for reimbursement, so they don’ don’t get lost or forgotten.

You can also monitor the trip budget to check that it is within the planned limits. And if it is below it, reward points are accumulated that can then be exchanged, such as Amazon gift cards.

Trip Republic

Trip Republic aims to create dynamic and fun travel experiences. Through transportation, accommodation, restaurants, and activities of all kinds: concerts, sports, museums, tours…

Compare prices to offer the best deals and thus be able to plan the entire trip on your own. It allows you to book in advance and buy without additional charges.

Once a profile is created, the service tracks users’ movements to adapt to future searches. According to their preferences, offering personalized suggestions. Another option allows you to collaborate with fellow travelers, share ideas, keep notes, send links, even plan meals.


This handy app helps you set up a ‘simplified ‘ itinerary including flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, driving directions, dining plans, as well as cost control.

Through email, the itinerary will be updated automatically, and with a simple glance at the ‘Timeline’. You can make route changes, request a transfer, check the weather forecast or search for alternative flights.

The most interesting thing is that it sends precise information. And at the moment, about terminals and boarding gates, and notifications of any changes made to flights.

In addition, it allows you to share the itinerary without worrying, just through your email addresses.

Sygic Travel

This tool allows you to devise, plan, book, and adapt vacations in a single application that can also be viewed on a map. Impossible to get lost as it offers the necessary indications to reach the destination on foot or by car.

It offers endless information on tourist areas, whether, from individuals or private companies that offer their services, everything is very visual as each point is documented with photos, 360º videos, descriptions, schedules, ticket prices, contact information, or even tours.

The trip is created on the home page, with the destination, dates, and means of transport used. Once done, we can start the virtual visit of the points that can be added to the travel route. From there, the itinerary for each day is programmed with the necessary means of transport.

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