The 6 most romantic European capitals for your honeymoon 

romantic European capitals

The 6 most romantic European capitals for your honeymoon 

Do you dream of a honeymoon different from the others? So why not choose one of these 6 enchanting destinations that we have selected for you among the beautiful European capitals? To you the choice!

If you love Europe and its wonders, going on a honeymoon to discover the capitals is the ideal solution to discover how much beauty the Old Continent has to offer.

2021 was certainly a very special year, but with the necessary precautions and with the PLF it is now possible to leave and indulge in a journey to discover the closest capitals in total serenity. Haven’t you chosen the right destination yet? Today we recommend 6!

1. Honeymoons: where to go? Lisbon, between pastis de Belem and culture

beautiful European capitals

It is one of the most fascinating and romantic capitals of Europe. It will be the presence of its great river, the Tagus, which gives it that melancholy and nostalgic allure, or the ancient buildings all covered with colorful azulejos, to make this city an unforgettable destination for a married couple!

In addition to taking beautiful and romantic walks through the narrow streets of the old town while savoring one of the typical sweets of the city, the pastel de Belem, (we advise you to try the originals right in Belém just a few minutes by bus from the center), also a stop at the Gulbenkian Museum, a real gem for art lovers.

If, on the other hand, you want to eat, the Mercado da Ribeira is one of the most recommended places in the city at the moment, there really is something for everyone.

2. Honeymoon-covid ideas? Budapest, quiet and unpredictable

Defined by now the Paris of the East, Budapest is consolidated year after year as one of the most romantic European capitals for married couples and not. It can be said that the Hungarian capital is divided into three cities Buda, the quietest and oldest part, Pest more chaotic and full of energy, and Obuda.

If for your honeymoon you have decided to drop by, do not miss the Museum of Fine Arts and the Park of the Statues.

3. Vienna, among the most popular honeymoons

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How not include Vienna, the Austrian city among the most beautiful to visit, among the most romantic European capitals. Besides being stunning with its ancient and gilded buildings.  Vienna really seems to be the perfect destination if you are a lover of classical music and art, like Mozart or Klimt for example. And if you have a sweet tooth this is the right place to savor one of the most famous cakes in the world, the Sacher, the chocolate cake with a layer of jam in the center … a real treat for the palate!

4. Edinburgh, a wonderful journey through the castles

If you love the Scottish style, you will be charmed by Edinburgh Castle. Majestic and imposing, it will leave you breathless especially for its gardens. Other noteworthy castles are Craigmillar Castle, Stirling Castle, and Doune Castle (which became famous in recent years for being the set of Game Of Thrones). Add Arthur’s Seat: an excursion that will take you to the top of what was once a volcano. And that will make you appreciate the wild side of this land. The old town also deserves a special mention. And if you are a true Harry Potter, know that there are several organized tours. That will take you through the places of one of the most loved sagas in the world.

5. Copenhagen, romance, and fun

European capitals for honeymoon

It will be like diving into a wonderful fairy tale if you choose Copenhagen as your wedding destination. A truly enchanting and welcoming city, easy to walk through parks and fascinating canals. From the Town Hall to the Little Mermaid it will be really pleasant to take long walks hand in hand. Furthermore, a point in favor of the city is the Tivoli amusement park.  Built in 1843, therefore one of the oldest in Europe.

6. Prague, city of lovers

Another city among the beautiful European capitals where you could leave your heart is without a doubt the beautiful Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic in recent years has become one of the most visited capitals by lovers. So why not make it your honeymoon destination as well?

Why choose Prague? For its low houses and red roofs, for the roasted apples. And above all for walking along the Karluv Most bridge. A road made of stone that seems to be suspended over the river. In short, there are many reasons to visit it, it’s up to you to decide!

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