The 8 most exotic places to travel on your next vacation

Exotic places to travel

The 8 most exotic places to travel on your next vacation

Travel should always be a pleasantly unforgettable experience. When the passion is to explore, discover and enjoy the wonder of travel, you have never known enough and much less are you ready to leave the adventure.

If you are a true globetrotter you will know that having the common stamps in your passport is not enough, and for this reason today we invite you to discover the exotic places to travel to. Let’s get started!

Petra, Jordan

Most exotic places to travel

If you prefer adventure, this exotic destination is one of the best options. Petra is an ancient city with great archaeological value, so much so that it was the location of different scenes from the Indiana Jones movie.

Its facades, carved in rock, make it a brick-colored city, which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, since 2007 it is part of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

On your trip to this mystical city, you need to see some of the many tombs carved out of the rocks. You have to visit the Monastery and the Siq or gorge, which is the entrance to the city and it is a canyon where a path was made thanks to the passage of water.

Before you go, you can’t miss the theater, which dates back to the 1st century BC, and was unearthed in 1961.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Also known as the Mouths of Kotor, it is a fjord 30 kilometers inland, which has its origin in the Bokelj river canyon, which is lost in the waters of the Adriatic.

The entire bay corresponds to a walk of about two days, with more than 100 kilometers of roads that cross the waterway. Tourists usually start the tour from the northern entrance, going from Croatia to Montenegro.

Kotor is considered a World Heritage Site, and from its cliffs, you can enjoy an incredible view, as well as some of the greenest landscapes in the entire country.

Longsheng Rice Terraces, China

The well-known Dragon Column Rice Terraces cover more than 100 kilometers of all of Guilin. And is considered a protected area, so for some years, it has been necessary to pay to visit it.

For only 100 yuan you can enter the city and take a tour of Longsheng. A community where ethnic groups responsible for caring for and maintaining crops live. They are 100 meters high and are made up of hundreds of steps.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

As its name indicates, it is a large hole or sinkhole located on the coast of Belize. And measures about 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep.

It is described as the largest marine phenomenon of its kind. And is home to a large handful of marine species, from reefs and flora to the largest fauna in the area.

For divers it is an excellent destination and, at a tourist level, it is a place for one-day excursions, which basically consist of a controlled dive in the hole to see different types of fish and sharks, as well as a dip in the line of nearby corals.

Gozo, Malta

The small but colorful archipelago of Malta is one of the exotic places to travel that you cannot leave out. There is the beautiful island of Gozo, which you access by ferry from Malta.

At almost every stop you need to take a tour of the churches and squares. Where you can hear great stories and get local handicrafts.

See the Ggantija temples, megalithic structures that date back long before Stonehenge.

Amber Fort, India

This fortress in India is one of the most important constructions on mountains in the entire country. Here takes place one of the most impressive constructions of the Rajputs.

The entire fortress is made up of a large group of palaces. Including temples to different gods, as well as an imposing garden, one of the main attractions of the Fort.

The entire place can be covered in one day, although you should be prepared to walk a lot and be comfortable.

Namje, Nepal

We are going to Nepal, especially to one of the most incredible and remote little towns in this country. And it is so much so that there are no roads that lead directly to Namje. This is why it is rare among tourist destinations in this country or for different adventures. But it is one of the best places to travel.

However, it is an excellent alternative to enjoy if you like hiking. Because to get here you need to follow a set of trails between different villages. That you can reach by crossing the Makalum mountain, one of the five highest peaks in the world.

Knife Forest, Madagascar

One of the greatest charms of going to this destination is trying to understand how wildlife works in this rock forest. Which has been baptized as a forest of knives.

This forest dates back to approximately two hundred million years ago. And is made up of needles that range from five meters to eighty meters in height.

It is believed that it was the heavy rains of the formation period that shaped these labyrinths. In the area, different species of fauna chase the light of the light and manage to grow. So do the animals, with a variety of 11 types of lemurs that live off what they get in the stone passageways.

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