Tips to avoid damage to the goods in transport

damage to the goods in transport

Tips to avoid damage to the goods in transport

When transporting merchandise it is very important that it arrives in perfect condition at its final destination so that both the sender and the receiver are happy with the service. Whether by land, sea, or air, all packages must be well protected and placed so that they are not damaged during the journey or suffer damage.

Next, a series of recommendations are detailed that go in that line of achieving a successful transport of any type of product or material. But, first, it should be remembered that the first thing is to choose a good experienced. And a professional company that provides these services with guarantee, safety, and quality.

Pre-tests, indicators, and sealing

One of the most important tips should be followed before continuous service with the trucking company begins. Previous test shipments are essential to verify the proper functioning of the service, with all that this entails. From the excellent packaging to the arrival of the goods at their destination, through capacities of weights and supported volumes.

On the other hand, the availability of impact, leakage, vibration, or inclination indicators of the boxes is a magnificent resource. The devices connected to these packages allow you to check at all times if there is a problem that could damage them.

Another essential element in all transport is the sealing with resistant plastic tape, which ensures that each box is tightly closed. This way, neither odors nor humidity from the outside entrance. Although for this purpose it is also highly recommended to cover the products with protective materials that ensure cushioning and even withstand pressure.

Knowledge of cutting and boomerang  effect

Also related to the protection of the package, it is important that every worker (be it a transporter or a warehouse operator) knows where he can and cannot cut. The opening instructions should be clear in that regard. At the time of handling each box, no cuts, scratches, or tears can be caused that damage its content.

It should also consider the possibility that a given effect boomerang, ie the return of the product by its recipient. In this process, the transport cannot damage it either. So it is best to always use the original packaging, suitable for reuse. Thus, the customer can open the package without damaging it too much.

Empty spaces in transportation

Calculations of cargo availability on a vehicle or container must be taken into account. Because empty spaces can be a problem. It is best to have that space well measured to organize the goods. So that there are no free spaces and, if they remain, fill them. This prevents bumps, displacements, or collisions of the boxes.

Other tips include choosing quality pallets and containers, as well as checking their good condition, especially if they are for maritime transport. Inspecting packages as soon as you receive them is also important.

In short, following these recommendations and others specific to each type of merchandise. It should reach its destination without being damaged.

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