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Did you come here looking for ideas of things to see and do on the Costa Brava? Cool! Today we will tell you about this Catalan corner that we enjoyed so much in our years living in Barcelona. More than 200 kilometers of coastline bring together the essence of the Mediterranean, full of beautiful beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and an interior that hides a few surprises (from villages that seem carved in the rock to botanical gardens).
We always say it, but you have to put your cards on the table every time: we are not objective with Bologna. It is our favorite city in Italy - beyond Rome, of course - and it also has a history for us. In passing or as a destination, we have visited it dozens of times and always find new reasons to return. New, although only with "the same old,” there are already reasons to do it every year. How many reasons do you need? Here you have no less than things to do in Bologna. Surely they are enough.
For the amount of Rubens works alone, Belgium's most populous city is well worth a visit. But that is only one of the reasons. Did you know that, in the 16th century, the taxes collected by the Spanish crown in its port were equal to the income from the silver mines of Potosí? In addition to paying taxes, Merchants also built palaces and commissioned works of art to decorate them. Of course, there is also a market square, a Stadhuis, a cathedral ... Come on, and there is no shortage of places to visit in Antwerp.
How many charming towns will there be in Italian Tuscany? Well, a few dozen. Medieval, Etruscan or Renaissance villages, huddled on top of hills or spread out in wide valleys, surrounded by fields of wheat, vineyards or poppies, near Florence, Pisa, Siena or the sea ... How to choose then? It is very complicated, but we have tried to make a selection of some of what we believe are among the best towns in Tuscany.