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Traveling allows you to see that the world is not always about you. It allows you to see how other people live and what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

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The world is a book

We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.

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Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.

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Top 10 Unknown Beaches in South America

With the summer ending, our minds are inevitably projected towards the trip. That’s why we leave you a list (ordered from north to south) of the unknown beaches in South America that you surely do not know.

How to Perfectly Fit Your Bike Pro Way

Getting your bike set up correctly is the difference between an efficient, comfortable ride or an inefficient uncomfortable ride and maybe even causing yourself some injury.

So, in this article, I’m going to run through how to set up your bike correctly for you when to do it and how to know if you’ve done it.

Three Main Parts

Three main parts of the bike. You can adjust to ensure a proper fit of the Saddle, Stem/Handlebars, and Cranks.

If you’re buying a new bike from a bike shop, but make sure you get them to set things up properly for you. So, you’re taking your new pride and joy home because of some adjustments, but not all can cost a little bit.

This article great help to you if you want to know how to measure a bike frame.


At first, you need to set up your saddle correctly. This included subtle height, how far forward or back to have it on the subtle tilt.

So be quick, adjusting your stand on bars affects how stretched out you are on the bike. This is one of the biggest changes you can make to how your bike fits you on how you feel.

You might not need to adjust anything, but if your bike is too long for you, you’ll feel far too stretched out and you might not have proper control over your steering.

You might get a sore neck and sore shoulders and your saddle will be uncomfortable too because you’re putting pressure on places that you just don’t want the pressure.

On the other hand, if your bike setup is too short, you’ll feel constricted. Your arms will be way too close to your body and you’ll probably ride around with Ben Thompson.

As a general rule, you don’t want to be sitting bolt upright. Then at the other end, you don’t want to have your chin on the hunt boss, something in between with your back at a 45-degree angle to the floor on a 90-degree bend between the back and arms when riding on your hoods.

If you want a position that allows you to be a little bit faster and a little bit racier and you are flexible enough to do so.


You can do this, by moving the handlebars away from you, either by lengthening in the stem or dropping the handlebars.

Likewise, if you want something a little bit more comfortable and you are maybe not so flexible, you can do the opposite. So, moving your hunt bars up a little bit clear. You can change the height of other stuff.

Yeah. There are two peers, depending on how many spaces you have, but, or underneath it, this will have a big impact on how far you have to lean over the bike and we’ll make a big difference to how comfortable you are and your speed on the bike.

For greater adjustment, you can even replace your stem with a shorter or longer one, but this does mean spending a little bit of money.

There’s also a degree of adjustment in your handlebars to why you leave us are fitted can change how far forward do you need to reach by a good couple of centimeters?

You can also tilt your handlebars upwards or downwards, which will affect you will leave a position, but only that will affect how stretched out you are on the pike.

Have a little play around with these until you find a position that you’re happy with. When you come to tightening up the bolts, make sure you adhere to the suggested torque.

It’s important to note that once your saddle is set up correctly, it should remain where it is. Don’t be tempted to adjust it forwards or backward to affect your reach.


Handlebar Come in all different shapes and sizes, the handlebars for your road, bike consist of the following measurement. The width of the drop and the reach.

The drop is the distance between the top of the handlebars and the bottom of the curb section. A shallow drop brings everything close together meaning your hands don’t have far to travel between positions.

I think drop that is far less common on road bikes requires a bit more flexibility as you have further to travel between positions.

It will usually suit a taller more flexible rider. The reach is the distance between the straight part of the bar and the curved section where your hoods are mounted.

A longer reach should be paired with a shorter stem and vice versa. If you have shorter bars along the stem out.

This all comes down to personal preference and you can have a little play around and see what you prefer.

The width of the bar is quite self-explanatory. The correct bar size is usually down to the terrain you’re going to be riding on, your riding style, and of course your style.

A smaller bar will be better suited for road racing whereas a wider bar will give you better control over rough terrain. If you’re riding on gravel and at lower speeds.

Of course, a smaller bar better suited to smaller riders too.


Let’s look at the cranks now far less vital found the saddle and the reach adjustment, but it should also be considered in a proper bike fit too, to start with they come in a variety of different sizes.

Usually based on the size of the bike, a smaller frame, therefore smaller rider and there is a need for a shorter crank.

This is due to leg length hip mobility and to ensure the rider isn’t overreaching at the bottom of the pedal stroke or at the top.

However, not everybody is the same there is growing evidence that having shorter cranks is more comfortable and more efficient.

Mainly because in a very aerodynamic position, your hip joint is very close, making it hard to breathe.

Having shorter cranks will alleviate that being said, the difference in crank length is millimeters ranging from 160 millimeters to 185 millimeters with by far the most common length 172.5 millimeters.

If you do think you would benefit from a different length, make sure you test it out before you go and buy one because change that it’s not cheap.

This is where a professional bike fit will come in handy. Yes, it will cost you a bit of money, but they’ll be able to analyze your body and how it interacts with the bike and take into consideration all sorts of measurements you just can’t do on your own. Again, getting all these things set up before you purchase your bike is the best thing to do.

There’s no point buying something that just doesn’t fit you. Your body will adapt to work in most positions and it might feel okay, but you could be doing yourself some harm further down the line.

you know, when you’ve got it right? Because riding a bike, what it shouldn’t hurt. You might get some aches or pains on long rides, but it shouldn’t have a be painful.


If you did enjoy this article, then please give it a big thumbs up and I hope it has helped you get to your bike set up correctly.

If you do have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below, and we’ll try our very best to get back to you and you can visit OutdoorXsports for more details.

Tips to avoid damage to the goods in transport

When transporting merchandise it is very important that it arrives in perfect condition at its final destination so that both the sender and the receiver are happy with the service. Whether by land, sea, or air, all packages must be well protected and placed so that they are not damaged during the journey or suffer damage.

Seven things you cannot miss in the eastern part of Asturias

With this article, I finish my selection of essential places in the Principality. After showing you the best of the western area and then talking about my essentials in the central area, we only need to show you these seven things that you cannot miss in the eastern area of ​​Asturias.

What to see in Toulouse in one day trip?

You travel to Toulouse, you only have one day, and you want to know what to see in such a short time. That’s what happened to us. We also wanted to explore its surroundings and we only had one day to visit the city. He deserves much more, at least a weekend, but if you can’t stay, we’ll tell you what to see in Toulouse in one day and put it all on a map.

What to see in Rouen? Best tourist attractions in the Rouen

The capital of Normandy, Rouen, has everything you could ask for in a city in northern France. Medieval alleys, noble stone palaces and half-timbered houses, Gothic churches with large windows, museums and even contemporary buildings that do not clash with the rest. So that the wonder doesn’t overwhelm you, here there’s our selection of places: what to see in Rouen. And even a different route around the city if you have a little more time.

What to see in Norway? Best tourist attractions and places

Norway is a gigantic country. Maybe not so much in size, but many landscapes of history and art. So big that it is practically impossible to think of visiting everything in a single trip to Norway. Too many places to see in Norway routes to do, monuments to visit … so you have to go little by little. What is “natural” is to start in the south –yes, there is also south in the north–, which we did. Deciding what surprised, fascinated, impacted us the most… is very complicated. Even more so, take that list as “what to see in Norway. Because I am sure that many were left out of our itinerary and because the colors were to taste.

What to see in Albi France?

Albi has many reasons to be proud of herself. A historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the largest brick cathedral in the world. The museum with the largest collection of works by Toulouse-Lautrec on the planet, its beautiful views over the River Tarn. Yes, despite its small size, there is much to see in Albi. Are you accompanying us through the red city of France? Let’s see what to see in Albi France?

What to do in st Petersburg? 10 things

On your trip to Russia, you cannot miss a step through its ancient capital, and to make the most of those days, we are going to tell you what to do in st petersburg. Founded in the early 1700s by Peter the Great, who understood that looking towards Europe was essential for the development of his beloved Russia, Saint Petersburg is one of the great jewels of the country. Petrograd before, Leningrad after, the city’s history is relatively recent, but not at all boring. Peter the Great wanted to bring together the best of Europe here, so he relied on excellent architects and artists to create the most beautiful city in the world from scratch. The result is a monumental and elegant open-air museum that almost overwhelms the visitor.

Things to do in Rimini: Best places

If in Italy you say Rimini, everyone will tell you about its great beaches on the Adriatic Riviera 15 km of beaches no less! and its party. If you are from my fifth, you will remember those great clubs that in the ’80s and’ 90s were the center of the Italian macro party. Many foreign tourists who know it also do so for its beaches, if they come from northern Europe, or because they have passed through here on their way to the small Republic of San Marino.